Wednesday, October 11, 2006

First things first...

This is a first...the first time I've posted a my thoughts in a blog. While an exciting prospect, it's very intimidating to start putting ones thoughts out on the Internet for all to see. Afterall, who has that much to say to such a diverse world. Real motivations are hard to accept and I'm not going to say exactly why I've decided to take the plunge. But I've journaled and enjoy doing that. Maybe this expereince will make a difference in how I communicate both with myself and to others.

First time things are kind of magical. I love first time things. I celebrate them when they happen. I was described myself as a shameless experience seeker. That's because I seek first time things. So it's natural that when the opportunity comes around to do a brand a new thing, like having a "blog" I'd shamelessly pursue that experience. So, here I am again...another first time thing.



At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Alan Wilson said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Paul. Have fun and let us know what you are observing around you.

At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Katherine said...

Well, this is a bit late, but since I just discovered your blog - welcome! I'm glad you've joined us bloggers. It will be interesting to read your stuff.


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