Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't "take back our country?"

Those who want to "take back the country," be they Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal are perpetuating a dangerous schism that will never be resolved. You can't take back what you never had in the first place. There have always been opposing opinions. Only when people reach out to each other and resolve to move the country forward in cooperation, will the split among Americans healed.

This battle cry "take back our country" is just that, a battle cry. In the culture wars in the U.S. we hear it often. Those who want to go back to the values that they hold dear and that they thought once guided us and were practiced in the U.S., use it to rally support.

But it will never work. You can't go backward. You an only go forward. There are always people on both sides of an issues. You can't take back what you never had. But, you can bring your values to the discussion table. For example, attitudes about abortion have changed drastically since the 1970's. At first the pro-abortion upswell was obvious. But then as the years went by and people began to realize that they were actually ending the lives of their children, the pro-abortion opinion went down. Not, many people would say that they pro-abortion, but rather pro-choice. And for two decades, the rate of abortion has dropped. The activism has worked. But villainizing the opposition doesn't. Only when we respect each other and debate civilly are minds changed for the long-term. Sure, show the horror of the issues, but don't be judge and jury over the other's thoughts and opinions. Convince them with reason, not condemnation.

The same goes for homosexual marriage, fiscal responsibility, religious freedom. All these must be debated freely and civilly in the spiritual of cooperation and respect. Only when people are presented with good reasons, will they change their minds.

So, let's not take back the country. Let's build the country's future, together, hand in hand!

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At 4:08 AM, Blogger Catherine said...

PREACH IT!!! I can think of few things that could be said to which I would more heartily agree.


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