Sunday, October 15, 2006

Al Gore and the Environment

The movie "Inconvenient Truth", a documentary by former Vice-President Al Gore which I saw this past Saturday night, was a surprisingly good summary of the many types of evidence for both the fact of global warming, but also it’s consequences. In spite of some unfortunate use of out-of-context video clips used as examples for points made, as well as partisan jabs, the film shows that if global warming related consequences materialize, the world will experience a drastic increase in weather related disasters, but also a rise in sea-level that will cause inestimable damage to property and infrastructure, mass migration and possibly economic ruin. This of course depends on the reliability of the science that Mr. Gore is drawing from, as well has his synthesis of it. But as an outdoorsman who has seen glaciers melt in France and Switzerland during the past twenty years, I can only say that global warming is a fact. And if there is a real correlation between warming and carbon dioxide concentrations, then it's time to get to work.

As a Christian, I take this problem seriously because of our theology of Creation. God's creation shows who he is. He gave it to us so that we might know he exists, something of this power, his character and his beauty. But our Earth also shows how sinful actions and priorities by people have an affect on the world which reveals God. Sin has the affect of separating people from God. As we destroy the Earth, our actions keep people from having a revelation from God through the creation.

God has created the Earth as home for all people. Christians are to love all people. Loving God and loving people really is our motivation the care of the Earth. Do we love our children and our children's children enough to leave them a home that will be a joy to live in?

American Christians, who are part of a country that contributes 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions, should insist that our government take a leading role in their reduction. The task seems daunting, but if our faith in God is real, the respect and stewardship of his creation should be motivations for shouldering this responsibility of taking care of God's world and the people that Christ died for.



At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Ala n said...

Thanks for reviewing this. Did you find that he did a fair job on all the evidence? I am a bit confused on all this. have you met Martin Raillard in church yet?

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new First Things artice by Thomas Seger Derr on this subject? What did you think?


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