Thursday, June 20, 2013

Praying for God

Recently a young friend wrote me and asked for my thoughts. Here is what she said...

Hi Paul!

I've been pondering something lately and wanted to hear your thoughts on it. You have a great knowledge of the gospel and I respect, and am interested in, your gospel-related thoughts and ideas.

I was out for a run the other day, and my mind started to wander (running time is great thinking time for me). As I ran I realized that I do something kind of strange. Then I wondered does it even make sense? Am I confused about prayer? Or is it maybe not so strange and abnormal after all?

Sometimes when I pray I don't just pray *to* God, but I pray *for* Him. As I ran I wondered if others do this, or if it's a silly act to pray for an omnipotent God. I need Him, and I know that he loves having a relationship with me, and is happy to hear my prayers and worship, but does he need me to pray for him? I highly doubt it. I mean, I know that he doesn't *need* it, but does it make a difference?

I don't feel that I'm wasting my time. No time spent praying is wasted time, but I wonder if he just smiles and thinks "what a silly girl!" I've decided to assume that he just sees it as an act of love (like how I'd pray for my earthly father). I'm curious to hear what you think though.

(name withheld)

And here is what I said back...

Dear ...

I really enjoyed reading your story about running and praying for God. I got a good chuckle out of it. I'll admit that you are the first person that ever told me that they prayed for God. It's funny because if God is omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipresent (everywhere at once) as well is, love, good, changeless, perfect, holy and more, then it would seem that God doesn't need praying for. As well, who do you pray to when you're praying for God. But since we pray for others whom we love, I'm pretty sure that God takes your prayer for him as a high compliment.

No, God doesn't need us to pray for him. God doesn't need or lack anything. Since God is Father, Son and Spirit loving each other, then they have each other's love. I think God probably has a chuckle when he hears you praying for him. But if you love God, that is what counts. I don't think he'll hold it against you.

The only think that I would caution you on, is that if you happen to be praying for God because you think he needs it or he is lacking something or is somehow imperfect, then, I would examine who I though God was.

Thanks so much for making my day with you story of praying for God! Catch you again.

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